About Us


The name of our company, Castle House Media, is very new, but that is just that…the company is not. Let us explain. Castle House Media, was formally known as Castle House Publishing. A locally owned publishing company operating in Ascension parish (for those of you who are unfamilar with the area…it’s just south of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and about a forty-five minute drive from The Big Easy). The company was first establishied in 2011, to produce a local in-print publication, Around Ascension Kidstuff magazine. As the company grew, so did the publications. The company went on to produce publications including: Bargain Bucks, Front Desk USA for Greater Baton Rouge and Front Desk USA for Ascension. As the company grew, it began to add additional services such as marketing development and project management, website design and social media management.  In 2016, as a result of  being impacted by the Great Flood, the company had to scale back significantly on production.

In 2018, after making a full recovery from the impact, the owner, Sherri Cambre, decided to open the business under a new name, Castle House Media, LLC, which is a better representation of the company. We are still owned by the same person; have the same fundamentals; operate in Ascension; and offer the same quality of service. We just took this opportunity to come back more redefined. 


Have you ever known someone who never stops? Well meet the owner of Castle House Media, Sherri Cambre. She is a thinker, creator, designer, business woman, owner, mom, wife, volunteer and an Entrepreneur.
She was born in St. Gabriel, but her family roots are here in Ascension. So when the time came to raise her family, her husband and she settled down in Ascension. 
In 2011, Sherri saw a need within the community and worked to create a solution: she discovered that while Ascension was growing with small businesses there was a disconnect between the businesses and their consumers. She said, “I would drive down a particular street and see new businesses, businesses that I would be supporting if I would have only known they existed.” So with her entrepreneural spirit and background in business, design and program development, she created the publishing company as a means to connect businesses and  consumers in the parish. After all, Ascension supports Ascension.
Sherri continues to remain active in her business and in the community. She is a long standing member of Business Associates of Ascension and has served numerous years on the Board of Directors as well as the President in 2015. She was the first recipient of the BAA Hall of Fame award in 2015. She continues to work to serve the residents and businesses in Ascension. She is Ascension proud.